The Inconveniences of Conveniences in Education

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Parents and teachers very often look for what is “convenient” to them in educating children. Convenience is for example having some music lessons in school, rather than in a studio, having lessons in their own house, rather than in a school. Or some, for example, might think that weekly lessons are a necessity for advanced students.

A while ago a parent wrote to me that his daughter was able to receive “lessons” in school, so she would not come to me for the next semester or at least for a while. At first, I couldn’t understand what this parent meant with “lessons”: I thought that since the kid was starting a new school, he wanted to take a break for the Fall. Then finally I made the connection between this child’s school and a program I had read about. I couldn’t let him go thinking I don’t care at all if one of my students is leaving. Those students are like my own children for me (and I teach since more than 20 years, so I have a lot of children to care about!). Usually you take a young kid and you bring him to college. That’s the ideal path.


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