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Honesty is one of the most important quality a person might have and I think that being honest in working with others is the key for a wonderful life. Honesty is taught by example. And it should be used in the best interest of the people we are working with.


 Very often we look for what is “convenient” in our life: from educating children to choosing a place to live. The easy way might seem convenient, but on a long term there might be more inconveniences than conveniences involved in such choices.


 Whenever something is going to happen, our brain does a quick calculation of probabilities and of course imagines the more favorable or at least more common results. In order to explain this phenomenon clearly I’ll use the theme “home” as a metaphor and I’ll relate it to your particular context.



Enthusiasm is the essential part for an exciting life, but it is also a necessity as a teacher, a student and in every profession, as well as in everyday life. It is just matter of being willing to take the chance and to desire to reach a certain goal.








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Antonella has the ability to craft powerful messages, inspiring the audience to action in their life. Combining her professional and life experience, Antonella has a profound empathy for the others and therefore she is able to touch the right strings in each mind and in each soul.

From a keynote speech to a 15 minute session, she will meet your needs.








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