Claudio Abbado: culture is a primary asset

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“The culture is a primary asset as it is water. The theaters, libraries, museums, cinemas are like aqueducts. The culture is like life, and life is beautiful.” Claudio Abbado said in an interview in 2010.
And further: “The reaction I’ve ever had in front of those who say that the culture costs too much was answer that they need to do more.”
Many would remember Abbado as a great conductor and for his wonderful recordings. But he was more than that. He was a man who believed in the power of arts, because every human being lives for arts and beauty. He was truly an ambassador for all arts and advocate for the artists.
I would like to remember him for his work with youth orchestras, for the scholarships he gave to young musicians and mainly for the profound message he left us: listen rather than talk.

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