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Are You Harsh or Honest?

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Honesty is one of the most important quality a person might have and I think that being honest in working with others is the key for a wonderful life. Honesty is taught by example. And it should be used in the best interest of the people we are working with.

This morning, while I was talking to a supervisor of a project I am involved in about an email exchange between me and a colleague- that I will call Mr. X for the purpose of this post- this person has judged the way I answered to Mr. X “a little bit harsh.” Honesty Probably it is true from his point of view: he doesn’t know the background story and the purposes I had. There is a fine distinction between being honest and being harsh. Honesty has a good purpose in mind. I do not consider that answer I gave harsh- in the sense of cruel- at all, otherwise I would not have written what I have written. The truth is that that message wasn’t written on impulse, but has been meditated, corrected and revised so that it would serve to Mr. X as an opportunity to grow and to understand how to work.


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